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The comprehensive mobile, lone worker solution...
Envision is a comprehensive lone worker solution that enables you to see, manage and protect your mobile workforce. Using GPS enabled PDAs, Smartphones or Blackberrys, Envision provides realtime workforce locations, statuses and job information all on one map.
“As a Director, I need to see that I am giving my customers our best possible service”
Realtime workforce locations enable you to plan your business workload more effeciently and thereby providing your customers with a more responsive service.
“As a responsible Manager I need to make sure my people are being as productive as possible”
Extensive reporting provides your business with the information needed to manage your workforce more effectively.
“As a responsible Employer I need to make sure my lone workers are kept safe”
Envision’s Panic Management provides compliance with Working Time Directive and the Corporate Manslaughter Act, protecting your workforce and your business.